HOW Design Conference
Like HOW magazine, the HOW Design Conference recognizes that graphic design is a business as well as an art. HOW launched this annual event in 1991 with the goal of providing a hands-on, educational program to enable designers to better balance the three key components of graphic design: creativity, business and technology. Conference sessions cover a mix of these three critical design issues, with particular emphasis on creative and business topics.
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Welcome to las vegas, and enjoy the How Design conference. its a great chance to meet other web designers, and graphic designers as well a great time to relax and enjoy the great city of Las Vegas . Vegas is my home and I recently posted some for designers who will be attending the design conference. Feel free to contact me directly from my website and ask any questions you might have. There is alot to experience and see in las vegas besides the bright lights and sounds of the casinos. Try to take it all in while you are in Vegas.

AppleBootcamp Beta
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Install Windows Directly on your intelMAC! Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. The relationship between mac and pc users can now be little closer as apple introduces "Boot Camp Beta". Apple Boot Camp , is a Public beta software to enable Intel - based Macs to run windows xp. Basically what this means if you recently purchased an Intel based "MacBook" "iMac" or "macMini" you will now have the oppertunity to install your purchased copy of windows directly onto your mac. This process is known as a "dual boot" meaning your mac will now have its origional operating system OSX and it will have a copy of windows XP (service pack 2 eddition only). You can choose between the two systems and switch back and forth as needed. Two considrations to think about. This is not the same as runing an emulator. If you have used VirtualPC or another emulation software in the past, which allows windows to run in a 'window' on your desktop. The dual boot means you will have to log off and logg back in on the other operating system. Not as easy as dragging documents from your mac to your virtualPC. However the Mac with windows insatlled directly on the hard drive should run much faster than any emulation software. Last thing, If you install a version of windows via apple boot camp beta always remmeber you are subjet to spyware, viruses, and any other attacks that plague the microsoft operating system. Test drive apple boot camp beta on your machine and enjoy! pr6 - flash website design

Software for Novice Web Designers
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For the novice web designer that just has to get a few things up on the web in a hurry this software has excellent looking designs and it is simple to use. As well it is very economical. Make a quick job look as professional as it would If I had built your website for you. Take a look at this software, I really recommended trying it out if you are a novice at website design but have to do it from time to time!New Release! NetObjects Fusion 9!external image image-2000964-10365369 Cheers! j mitchell allen the best graphic designer